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Honeydew Carpet Cleaners

Want best carpet cleaning services in Honey dew? Then your answer is here, look no further than Honeydew carpet cleaners for a professional and highly effective team that is sure to leave you in awe at the job it will do on you carpets using the latest available carpet cleaning machines and tried and tested methods.

Choosing the right company to clean your carpets is very important, using inexperienced carpet cleaners or hiring a machine and doing it yourself can be very dangerous and end up costing you more money, time and stress than hiring a professional to do the job for you.

That is way you are assured to get the best in terms of carpet cleanliness and durability which is a far cry from what regular vacuuming will do. More so the reason you should turn to Carpet Goddess, a team of professional carpet cleaners that is driven by customer satisfaction and is sure to leave your carpet rejuvenated and odour free.

We believe in providing the best possible quality in carpet at a very competitive and fair price and keeping your carpet clean and in a healthy state is indeed our business.


Why clean my carpet? Carpets should be cleaned often to protect the carpet from wearing quickly. Frequent cleaning also removes dirt and grit which can damage the carpet fibre especially in high traffic areas.

Carpets can also be a breeding ground for bacteria which can trigger allergies. So literally regular carpet cleaning by professional cleaners as ours, saves money as it will increase your carpet life at the same time protecting you and your family’s health by making sure that your carpet does not become a breeding ground for bacteria due to the dirt.

Using the modern method of deep steam carpet cleaning, at Carpet Goddess we also the environmentally clean low foam powder as we get your carpet clean from even the most stubborn stains.

The deep cleaning method we use takes about two hours to dry after which you are assured of freely using your carpet with a renewed look and in a healthy state free from allergies that usually emanate from dirty carpets. We serve the Honeydew area, both and commercial and other surrounding areas such as Northcliff, Fairlands, Rooderpoort

Instead of you trying to save on costs by hiring a machine from your local supermarket, likely to leave your carpets worse than when you started, why not call upon professional carpet cleaners from Honeydew carpet cleaners to the job for you.

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