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There is the old adage that goes like, your dressing and first impression says a lot about yourself and same goes about your house, its furnishings says a lot about it and its owners. Do not let the furnishings in your house give the wrong impression to your guests or a threat to your health and that of your family.

Goddess upholstery cleaners are here to help you give that impression, keep you safe from the threat of bacteria that might accumulate in dirty furnishings.

We are committed to providing you our valued customers with an excellent service tailor made just for you. We value you so much and we will guarantee you quality friendly service that will leave your cleaning requirements fully taken care of.

We use the latest cleaning machinery and materials to provide you with a professional cleaning for your home, refresher courses for all our cleaners are always offered to ensure they are up to scratch with the latest trends in the cleaning industry.


What Upholstery do we clean?

It must be noted that thorough upholstery clean Carpet Goddess can freshen and restore your fabrics and add to the life of your sofa. If your treasured suite is getting a bit old and stained or you simply want to revitalise the colour, we are here as your upholstery cleaning solution.

Our expert Upholstery technicians will brighten fabric colours and remove those niggling spots and stains. They are also trained to handle the most difficult of fabrics.

We understand that clients differ in their tastes – some people demand entirely Eco-friendly cleaning, this is why we have made it our policy to listen to your wishes and give you a service tailor made to suit your cleaning requirements.

Upholstery servicing includes the cleaning of upholstery and furniture in order for customers to acquire the cleanest home possible. However, a clean home doesn’t just look clean. In order to get your sofa, chairs, area rugs and draperies really clean, vacuuming alone isn’t enough.

Our trained professional technicians have the right equipment and expertise to give your furnishings a thorough, deep-down cleaning.

We clean all your upholstery furnishings for the inconvenience of you our valued customer. Some very fine and delicate items, such as hand-made oriental and wool rugs or upholstered furniture require extra handling and care. Our professionals will make sure that your fine furnishings will get the great care you deserve.

CARPET GODDESS upholstery cleaners are here to make your upholstery furnishings stain free, looking as good as new.

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